Bed Bath Sol

LifeSol impregnated skin care wipes provide Fast, Pleasant and Convenient Skin Cleansing and moisturizing while minimizing risk of cross infections.

These wipes also provide a safer alternative for people requiring body cleansing while being bed ridden or requiring partial assistance.

LifeSol Bedbath Wipes/Towels are suitable for a wide variety of uses and are ideal to use any where running water or a full bath is not available.

Advantages of Bed Bath Sol Wipes:

Help Keep Skin Healthy and Clean:
Lifesol Bathing Wipes not only cleanse and moisturies but also help leave the sking feeling soft and smoot. its Gentle formula contains very mild Surg\factants to clean the skin without damaging the layer of skin that frequent bath can cause, like Drying effect. Its formulation does not contain hard chemicals and its PH is balanced to the neutral PH of the human skin.

Saves Time and better for the Carer:
Bathing a bed ridden person can be a time consuming and tiresome procedure for the carer and the person on whom the procedure is performed. When ready with the Lifesol Bathing Wipes, The person can be totally cleansed using one wipe for each body part. its rinse free and evaporating formula means that there is no more need to rinse with water and then dry the body.

Cost Effective (Saves Money):
Lifesol Bathing Wipe is a cheaper alternative for using Soaps, Water/hot water, Bowls Flannels, lotions and towels as there is no need for rising and drying. Other cost like-Reduced Nursing time for other priority care jobs and cost of energy like heating water etc. Thus it is a saving on cost of Material, Laundry and Time.

Intensinve Care:
Lifesol Bathing Wipes can be used in alternative to bowls of soapy water in various areas including a Post operative conditions where sensitive equipments and dressings are used.

Cross Infections/Contaminations Reduced:

-Lifesol Bathing Wipes comprises of Ten Large Soft Disposable Wipes, which are enough to clean the body from top to bottom. Use one pack per person to elimination the need for reusable bath accessories which can store bacteria.

Convenient And Portable:
-Lifesol Bathig Wipes are packed in a laminated pack that offers excellent moisture retention and is highly portable for convenience, Unlike carrying a hot bowls of water and risk of spilling it on the floor or equipment or on the mattress. The wipes are specially folded for easy dispensing. The pack can be Microwaved for warm bath wipes and the pack can be resealed to keep the wipes warm during the cleansing process.

Bed Bath Sol
  LS 1000   33 X 22CM     100 GSM 10 Wipes 24 Packs
  LS 2000   33 X 22CM     50 GSM 10 Wipes 24 Packs  


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