Endoscopic Trocar
Minimally-Invasive endoscopic trocar is used to deliver CO2 to abdominal cavity after abdominal paracentesis during thoracic laparoscopic surgery, and used in making channel for entry of endoscope and instruments from outside to abdominal cavity. Minimally-Invasive endoscopic trocar is extensively applied in various laparoscopic surgery including general minimally- Invasive surgery gynecologycal minimally-Invasive surgery, thoracic or urological endoscopic surgery, and more.

The multi-disk seal airtight design of Lifesol Medical serial Disposable Endoscopic trocar can close by it’s completely and stably because of returning effect of gas in abdominal cavity if puncture lever is taken out. Also, the horizontal grain of built-in elastic global sealant may prevent from the following problem induced by the movement of instruments during surgery; the leakage of gas in abdominal cavity, the decease of abdominal pressure, consequently resulting in being difficult to complete operation.

Lifesol Medical “S” series 5mm trocar has new technology using wiping, wicking, and absorbing to virtually eliminate smudging during camera reinsertion, reducing the need for frequent endoscope exchanges. This technology cleans and removes bodily fluid and debris from the endoscope shaft, minimizing its presence within the trocar seal. So that reduces interruptions due to re-cleaning the scope, and decreases frequency and cumulative time needed to clean the scope.

Advanced surgical devices designed for gentle tissue effect, and are used in more procedures than all other single use trocars combined.
Laparoscopic access with reduced trauma in mind. More than 40% smaller fascial defect than with bladed trocars.
Fascial closure is not required.
Low rate for port site hermiation.
Separates, rather than cuts, along tissue fibers, pushing tissue and
vessels away..
Bladeless, optical tip provides direct visualization and eliminates blind entry by enabling visualization of tissue layers during insertion. Visualization is optically guided by a 00 endoscope.
Significantly greater abdominal wall retention for minimal trocar slip-
The 12mm trocar accommodates a wide range of instrument sizes
(4.7mm to 12.9mm)
Seal durabillity, maintains abdominal insuffiations.
The force require to insert the trocar is comparable to bladed trocars,
for confident and controlled access.
Allows extraction of larger specimens through removable outer seal.
Endoscopic Trocar
       Code Shaft Length Size Qty.
  HOT   101.0501 10cm 5mm x 10mm 6 Pcs/box
  HOT   101.0101 10cm 10mm x 10mm 6 Pcs/box
  NEW    101.1210 10cm 12mm x 10mm 6 Pcs/box
  NEW    101.1015 10cm 15mm x 10mm 6 Pcs/box


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