Laryngeal mask airway a device for maintaining a patent airway without tracheal intubation, consisting of a tube connected to an oval inflatable cuff that seals the larynx.
The LifeSol range of Laryngeal Mask Airways have the following common benefits, which are available in Silicone Multiple Use, Silicone Single Use PVC range of Laryngeal Mask Airways Read More
Waterproof, impermeable to bacteria, Breathable, permeable to moisture, Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity, Ultra-thin and high stretch, Transparent Read More
Minimally-Invasive endoscopic trocar is used to deliver CO2 to abdominal cavity after abdominal paracentesis during thoracic laparoscopic surgery, and used in making channel for entry of endoscope and instruments from outside to abdominal cavity. Minimally-Invasive endoscopic trocar is extensively applied in various laparoscopic surgery including general minimally Read More
LifeSol impregnated skin care wipes provide Fast, Pleasant and Convenient Skin Cleansing and moisturizing while minimizing risk of cross infections. These wipes also provide a safer alternative for people requiring body cleansing while being bed ridden or requiring partial assistance. LifeSol Bedbath Wipes/Towels are suitable for a wide variety of uses and are ideal to use any where running water or a full bath is not available. Read More


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