ORAL PHARYNGEAL AIRWAY (BERMAN AIRWAYS) Airway is designed to maintain an unobstructed oro­pharyngeal airway during or following general anaesthesia and in patients unconscious for other reasons. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and disposable after single use only.

Made from semiregid, non-toxic polyethylene.
Two sided chennel design permits passage of suction catheters to clear secretionsfrom the back of the throat without obstructing the air passage.
  CAT.  NO.           SIZE   PKG
  LS-LM-60-600     Size 000   50
  LS-LM-60-602    Size 00   50 
  LS-LM-60-610     Size 0   50
  LS-LM-60-611      Size 1   50 
  LS-LM-60-612     Size 2    50
  LS-LM-60-613       Size 3   50
  LS-LM-60-614        Size 4    50


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