Nasopharyngeal Airways
Nasopharyngeal airway  a tube inserted through a nostril, across the floor of the nose, and through the nasopharynx so that the tongue does not block air flow in an unconscious person.

LifeSol Clear Nasopharyngeal Airways is a simple and effective airway add-on designed for easy introduction and maximum patient compliance.
In built Safety Connector designed to avoid the tube from travelling down the nasal passage and also eliminates the need to use any safety pin and prevent the risk of patient injury.
Clear Construction provides confirmation before insertion for no blockages.
Clear labelling of the sizes on the tube helps to choose the correct tube.
Made up of Medical Grade PVC to reduce the Patient Reaction.
Rounded bevelled tip reduces injury and simply guides the tube through the nasal passage.

  LS-NA-70-004   4.0mm / 16fr ID     10
  LS-NA-70-005   5.0mm / 20fr ID     10 
  LS-NA-70-006    6.0mm / 24fr ID     10
  LS-NA-70-007    7.0mm / 28fr ID      10 
  LS-NA-70-008    8.0mm / 32fr ID       10
  LS-NA-70-009    9.0mm / 36fr ID     10


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