Multiple (Silicone Reusable) Laryngeal Mask

Laryngeal Mask
laryngeal mask airway 
a device for maintaining a patent airway without tracheal intubation, consisting of a tube connected to an oval inflatable cuff that seals the larynx.
The LifeSol range of Laryngeal Mask Airways have the following common benefits, which are available in Silicone Multiple Use, Silicone Single Use PVC range of Laryngeal Mask Airways.
Less risk of blockage :- The deep design of the patient port reduces the risk of blockages by soft tissues. The open patient port allows for unobstructed use of an endoscope.

Full and Clear view Glottis :- The Laryngeal airway device allows a clear view of the glottis.

Printed information for Reference :- For a quick reference, Appropriate air volume and size is printed on the main tube.

LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways are sterilized and can be used up to a recommended 40 times.

Medical Grade Silicone
Anti Crush
Secure Seal for Airways Management
Universal Connector
Cuff Pressure is indicated through pilot balloon

  LS-LM-60-110   LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways    Size 1 <5kg 10
  LS-LM-60-115   LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways   Size 1.5  5kg - 10kg 10 
  LS-LM-60-120    LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways   Size 2 10kg - 20kg 10
  LS-LM-60-125    LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways    Size 2.5  20kg - 30kg 10 
  LS-LM-60-130    LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways    Size 3  30kg - 50kg 10
  LS-LM-60-140    LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways   Size 4 50kg - 70kg 10
  LS-LM-60-150    LifeSol silicone reusable laryngeal mask airways    Size 5  70kg - 100kg 10


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