Resuscitation Bags
bag valve mask, abbreviated to BVM is a hand-held device used to provide positive pressure ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately. The device is a normal part of a resuscitation kit for trained professionals, such as ambulance crew. The BVM is frequently used in hospitals, and is an essential part of a crash cart. The device is used extensively in the operating room to ventilate an anaesthetised patient in the minutes before a mechanical ventilator is attached. The device is self-filling with air, although additional oxygen (O2) can be added.

Use of the BVM to ventilate a patient is frequently called "bagging" the patient. Bagging is regularly necessary in medical emergencies when the patient's breathing is insufficient (respiratory failure) or has ceased completely (respiratory arrest). The BVM resuscitator is used in order to manually provide mechanical ventilation in preference to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (either direct or through an adjunct such as a pocket mask)

LifeSol offer a full range of single patient use and reusable resuscitator bags in three sizes :- Adult, Paediatric & Neonatal. All products are supplied complete with mask, reservoir bag and star lumen oxygen tube ready to use.

Single Patient Resuscitation Bags
  LS-RS-50-101 Adult Single Patient Use Resuscitation Bag 24
  LS-RS-51-102 Pediatric Single Patient Use Resuscitation Bag 24
  LS-RS-52-103 Infant Single Patient Use Resuscitation Bag 24
  Reusable Silicone Patient Resuscitation Bags
LS-RS-50-111 Adult Reusable Silicone Resuscitation Bag 50
LS-RS-51-112 Pediatric Reusable Silicone Resuscitation Bag 50
LS-RS-52-113 Infant Reusable Silicone Resuscitation Bag 50


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