Lamipore Non woven Fabric (Paper Tape)

It is made of Non woven fabric.
Hypo allergenic acrylic adhesive.
It is breathable and water repellent.
Not evenly tearable.

Features and benefits
Soft and gentle to skin.
Porous and conformable to skin.
No residual effect.
No pain to the skin while peeling off.

Usage :
Apply to fix catheters.
To Secure Small and Medium Dressing.
For repeated dressings.

  NW 03-0 Non-woven Paper Tape 1.25 cm x 9.14 m 24
  NW 03-1  Non-woven Paper Tape 2.5 cm x 9.14 m 12
  NW 03-2   Non-woven Paper Tape 5 cm x 9.14 m 6
  NW 03-3    Non-woven Paper Tape 7.5 cm x 9.14 m 4


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