Lamipore Silk Cloth Tape

It is made of Silk like cloth.
Hypo allergenic acrylic adhesive.
It is breathable and water repellent.
Bi directionaly tearable.

Features and benefits
High tensile strength.
Porous and conformable to skin.
No residual effect.
Good initial sticking

Latex free

Usage :
For securing heavy tubings & catheters.
To hold bulky Dressings and splints.
For long dressings.

  FT 03-0 Silk Tape 1.25 cm x 9.14 m 24
  FT 03-1  Silk Tape 2.5 cm x 9.14 m 12
  FT 03-2   Silk Tape 5 cm x 9.14 m 6
  FT 03-3   Silk Tape 7.5 cm x 9.14 m 4


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