Lamiderm Transparent PU Dressings

Waterproof, impermeable to bacteria, Breathable, permeable to moisture, Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity, Ultra-thin and high stretch, Transparent

Features and benefits
Window frame delivery system
Easy monitoring of the site for any complication and to see the      wound healing process
Tape strips for anchoring tubing, lumens or hubs.
At the “U” cut area, the spunlace non woven fabric is laminated,     to prevent the wrinkle of the film when using, make it more     smooth and safer.

Applications :
Take out the dressing, peel off the release paper, and stick on      the skin. Make sure skin is clean and dry before using.
Make sure that I.V point is on the centre of the notch, and place      the incision part right towards I.V catheter.
Stick the dressing on skin natrually, do not drag it. Press the      dressing slightly from the I.V point. Then peel off the paper      frame from the tab design, and press the edges of the dressing      smoothly.
Smooth the dressing to enhance the fixing.
Write down the name, Bed No. and other neccessary     information on the recording tape. Stick the tape on the side of     the dressing to make the dressing easy to remove after use. It     could also be used to enhance the fixing of the I.V cannula.

Fixing and covering I.V catheter
Preventing and curing the bedsore
Donorsite of the skin graft
As Post-op dressing
Specially design for paediatrics and dialysis catheters
For pulmonary artery and jugular catheters

  LS – 1010  Transparent film Dressing 5 x 5.7 cms 50
  LS – 1023  Transparent film Dressing with notch 6 x 7 cms 100
  LS – 1026   Transparent film Dressing for CVC Line 10 x 12 cms 100
  LS – 1027   Transparent film Dressing 10 x 25 cms 10
  LS – 1028  Transparent film Dressing 15 x 20 cms 10
  LS – 1035  Transparent film Dressing 8.5 x. 10.5 cms 50
  LS – 1034G  Transparent film Dressing with Grid Coating 7 x 9 cms 50
  LS – 1035G  Transparent film Dressing with Grid Coating 10 x 12 cms 50


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