Lamipore Transparent PE Tape

It is made of Polyethylene(PE)..
Hypo allergenic acrylic adhesive.
It is transparent and perforated.
Bi-directionaly tearable.

Features and benefits
Soft and gentle to skin.
Porous and conformable to skin.
No residual effect.
No pain to the skin while peeling off.

Monitoring is easy under the tape

Usage :
To hold tubings and catheters.
To Secure Bulky Dressing.
For repeated dressings.

  TP72-0  Transparent PE tape 1.25 cm x 9.14 m 24
  TP72-1  Transparent PE tape 2.5 cm x 9.14 m 12
  TP72-2   Transparent PE tape 5 cm x 9.14 m 6
  TP72-3  Transparent PE tape 7.5 cm x 9.14 m 4


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